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I'll See You Again - CD & Sheet Music - This song sung by Ray Hart at Dr. John R. Rice's funeral is available on CD, and also comes with the printed music. This song is sure to touch your heart, and is appropriate to be sung at the funeral of a believer.

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Free Academic Calendar for 2011-2012

(blog posted 9/8/2011)

Every year, I make a printable academic calendar for my personal use. If you would like to have one for your use, please feel free to download it here: Free 2010-2011 Academic Calendar I hope that many of you find it ...more


“I received my order. Thank you so much...I especially enjoy the parts in Gettin' Ready to Leave this World. What fun! I love this music ministry you have & have shared my tape with many friends. I plan to add a CD to gift tote bags that our church ladies give to each visiting missionary...Thanks so much!“
---Phoebe from Pennsylvania

“Your flash cards are beautiful! I was going to make my own, but they would have been pitiful next to yours. I am a cellist with a summer project of trying to get somewhere on a viola da gamba. Between clef and lowered pitch, it is quite a nightmare, but now I believe I will gain fluency much faster. This should also benefit my string quartet experience, where looking at the viola part in the score always leaves me at sea.“
---Elsie from Maryland