Deep Inside, Behind These Eyes – Solo



Purchasing this download grants you a license to print up to 3 copies for personal use. The song isĀ  arranged for vocal solo with piano.
Deep Inside, Behind These Eyes
Curtis Hollembeak
Verse 1:
Sometimes sorrow comes my way, and pain seems everywhere.
Sometimes friends all turn away, no peace found anywhere.
Then my heart turns to the Lord, seeking only His reward.
For His mercy, grace and love my soul calls out in prayer.
Verse 2:
At the end of splintered dreams, my Lord is standing still.
Calling out in tender love, with peace my soul to fill.
I’ll go to Him through the haze, let Him guide in all my ways.
Once again, He brings relief, and He my soul doth thrill.
Deep inside, behind these eyes, an aching spirit lies,
Hungering and thirsting for the filling God provides.
How I long to feel His touch; how I need Him, Oh, so much.
Deep inside, behind these eyes, my soul to heaven cries.


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