One Step Closer Home – Solo



Purchasing this download grants you a license to print up to 3 copies for personal use. The song is  arranged for vocal solo with piano.
One Step Closer Home
Curtis Hollembeak
One step closer home, just keep pressing on.
The Father is waiting, with open arms of love.
The road is hard, and you’re battered and scarred;
Just pick up your foot, and travel one step closer home.
Verse 1:
You had gone so far from home, left your family in scorn,
Dreaming of a better way, on you walked, away—alone!
Thoughts of freedom filled your mind, happiness you’d surely find.
Life for you was out there waiting, no restraint, no one to mind.
Verse 2:
Oh, you found what you thought grand, serving lust and vice and greed.
Your imagination found more delights on which to feed.
Pleasure done, experienced, filled your life with empty pain.
Humbled, there your thoughts turned homeward, longed for truth and peace again.
Verse 3:
On that day you stopped and saw that the good times were all gone,
Nothing left, but bitterness; no more friends, they’d moved along.
Needing food on which to dine, eating husks along with swine,
Then you turned your steps toward home, sought the Father one more time.
Verse 4:
All of us have wandered far from the path of truth and right;
In our pride and arrogance, lived so foolish in God’s sight.
Yet, the Father watches still, waiting for us to draw near,
Wanting to forgive our sin, and to wipe away each tear.


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